GripperManipulation Plug-in

GripperManipulation plug-in provides the pick-and-place motion planning for robot systems having parallel grippers. As for the grasp planning, we newly developed the grasp planner specialized for parallel grippers. The feature of this grasp planner is that the grasping posture can be calculated in real-time. Also, since we do not use the bounding box models, we can easily apply this method for complex shaped objects.

Basic Information

  • Plug-in name: GripperManipulation
  • Dependent plug-in: Grasp
  • Applicable robot models: PA10, HIRO

Planner Bar

If we introduce this plug-in, the Start button of Planner bar will be used for the grasp planning function of "this" plug-in "NOT" Grasp plug-in's one. Also, we have "INTENTION" tool bar. This bar is used to specify a part of the grasped object.


Planning Algorithm

To explain.


[1] K. Harada, T. Tsuji et al, "Grasp Planning for Parallel Grippers Considering Flexibility on its Grasping Surface", Proc. of IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Biomimetics, 2011.