Grasp Plug-in

Grasp Plug-in provides two main functions; one is the grasp planning for multi-fingered hands and the other is the basic functions commonly used by other plug-ins. In the following, we will mainly explain the grasp planning function of this plug-in.

Basic Information

  • Plug-in name: Grasp
  • Dependency: No
  • Applicable robot models: PA10, SmartPAL5, RH1, HRP-3, HRP-2 JRL

Planner Bar

By using the bar entitled "=Planner=", the grasping posture can be planned.
For more detailed information, please refer Planner Bar Help .


Motion Planning

The Grasp Plugin is for obtaining an appropriate position for the gripper for the purpose of grasping and setting and does not take into consideration how the entire arm will be moved. Use the PRM plugin to formulate a motion plan for the arm that does not interfere with the surrounding environment. Refer to PRM plug-in for details.

Grasp Planning Algorithm

This plug-in uses a grasp planning algorithm where the bounding box models are used for both the hand grasping region and the object model. By using this plug-in, we can construct several grasping styles for multi-fingered hand such as the 3 fingered fingertip grasp, the 4 fingered fingertip grasp, and the enveloping grasp. Here, we call the bounding box expressing the grasping region as the Grasping Rectangular Convex (GRC). Also, we call the bounding box of the object model as the Obect Convex Polygon (OCP). By considering the geometrical relation between the GRC and the OCP, we can determine the approximate position/orientation of the palm. Then the final grasping posture is determined by using the random sampling of the palm position.
Also, we use the fast method for checking the force closure by using the ellipsoidal approximation of the friction cone. Here, since we also prepare the conventional method of force closure, you can use it. For more detailed information on the grasp planning algorithm, please see the references.


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