GraspConsumer Plug-in

This section explains how to use the GraspConsumer plug-in which is a plug-in of OpenRTM consumer of the "grasping motion planning module" of the NEDO project.

Basic Information

  • Plug-in name: GraspConsumer
  • Dependent plug-in: Grasp
  • Applicable robot models: PA10 (Confirmed that it also works for HRP-3 and SmartPAL)

Grasp Planning Algorithm

We distribute the grasping motion planning module for the NEDO project. What this module, we first prepare a set of the grasping posture with respect to the object coordinate system as a data file. Then, when performing the grasp planning, we search for this file and determine the grasping posture. GraspConsumer plug-in is a consumer of this grasping motion planning module.

GraspRTC Bar

GraspRTC Bar is like;
For the detailed information, please see GraspRTC Bar Help.


Please see Grasp Motion Planning Tutorial by GraspConsumer Plug-in.

Grasping motion planning module

As for the detail of this RT module please see the following

English Japanese
GraspComsumer System Description システム仕様書
GraspConsumer Environment Configuration Specification 環境仕様書
GraspConsumer Operation Procedure 操作マニュアル