Building GraspPlannerComp(Option)

The compilation method for the grasping motion planning module, GraspPlannerComp, is described below.

Preparing the environment

It is assumed here that the installation of Choreonoid has already been completed.


Navigate to the directory where the source for the GraspPlanner main body is located and then execute make.

 % cd ~/workspace
 % cd Choreonoid/extplugin/graspPlugin/GraspConsumer/GraspPlan20100623/
 % make

Build is executed in the process briefly outlined below.
 `rtm-config --idlc` `rtm-config --idlflags` -I`rtm-config --prefix`/include/rtm/idl GraspController.idl 
 rtm-skelwrapper --include-dir="" --skel-suffix=Skel --stub-suffix=Stub --idl-file=GraspController.idl 
 GraspControllerSkel.h  was generated. 
 GraspControllerSkel.cpp  was generated. 
 GraspControllerStub.h  was generated. 
 GraspControllerStub.cpp  was generated. 
 rm -f GraspPlanner.o 
 g++ `rtm-config --cflags` -I. -c -o GraspPlanner.o GraspPlanner.cpp 
 rm -f GraspPlanningImpl.o 
 g++ `rtm-config --cflags` -I. -c -o GraspPlanningImpl.o GraspPlanningImpl.cpp 
 rm -f GraspControllerSkel.o 
 g++ `rtm-config --cflags` -I. -c -o GraspControllerSkel.o GraspControllerSkel.cpp 
 rm -f GraspControllerSVC_impl.o 
 g++ `rtm-config --cflags` -I. -c -o GraspControllerSVC_impl.o GraspControllerSVC_impl.cpp 
 rm -f 
 g++ -shared -o GraspPlanningImpl.o GraspPlanner.o GraspControllerSkel.o   GraspControllerSVC_impl.o   `rtm-con rm -f GraspPlannerComp.o 
 g++ `rtm-config --cflags` -I. -c -o GraspPlannerComp.o GraspPlannerComp.cpp 
 g++ -o GraspPlannerComp GraspPlanningImpl.o GraspPlanner.o GraspControllerSkel.o   GraspControllerSVC_impl.o   GraspPlannerCom

If the final product, GraspPlannerComp, can be executed, then the process has been completed successfully.
 % ./GraspPlannerComp 

No message is displayed for the execution.